My Tweetup With LeVar Burton

Is hanging out with the v cool @levarburton in Toronto! on TwitPic

I follow dozens of people on Twitter, including some actors like Stephen Fry and LeVar Burton. Both men are very good users of Twitter. Indeed, LeVar Burton said he was going to Toronto this week to appear on the show The Hour on CBC, and he asked his followers for some information on it. That was the weekend.

On the way home on Monday I saw a “tweet” from him saying he was going to be at a downtown bar in Toronto for a “tweetup”. I thought: what the heck, I should head over and see if he shows up and if nothing else, see what happens.

This Globe article has a good run down on what happened next. And this YouTube video has some footage of the event.

As for me, I got to shake his hand, share a few words and get my photo taken (and naturally posted it on TwitPic! 🙂 )

It was delightful to not only meet LeVar Burton, who was very cool and very gracious with all the followers who showed up, but it was also a treat to meet all these people on Twitter whose messages I have read but never had a chance to meet before.


3 responses to “My Tweetup With LeVar Burton

  1. Awesome. So do you love him for TNG, Reading Rainbow or Captain Planet?

  2. That is very cool, looks like it was a good time.

  3. Awesome. We were there too. It’s neat reading everone’s takes on the night. Here’s our podcast concerning the evening (somewhat NSFW):