Daily Archives: June 8, 2009

Where to eat in New York

You’re in New York. You want to eat well and not spend a fortune. Perhaps you need a good concierge for some inside advice? If so, look no further than here: The Concierge | Eating Cheaply (But Well) – The Moment Blog – NYTimes.com

Twenty Part-Time Business Ideas

I’m not sure why BW.com went with the 1950s graphics for this article, but that aside, there are some good ideas to be found in this: Twenty Part-Time Business Ideas: Businesses You Can Start on Your Own. If you are unemployed, retired, or someone who simply wants to work something other than a 40 hour (or more) work week, you should check this article out. Your new career could be there.

Hard Times at the Venice Biennale

The Venice Biennale is on. As discussed in the NYTimes.com, it’s not the same event it might have been a few years ago. Less money means a lower key event. That said, it is still a great event, and anyone wanting to know about what is current in the world of art should check it out. At the very least, read the article: In Venice, a Quieter Biennale of Careful Choices and Looks – NYTimes.com

(Photo of Hot Spot III by Todd Heisler of the NYTimes.com – artist is Mona Hatoum)