Daily Archives: June 29, 2009

The importance of ordinary technology

When I think of technology and how it affects my life, my thoughts tend to go to the higher end stuff. But to note something Paul Krugman ponts out here on his blog (Bar mitvah – Paul Krugman Blog – NYTimes.com), it’s very likely the low end stuff that makes the most of a difference in our lives. After all, we take these technologies and others — fridges, canned and frozen food, paper — for granted, but it is the stuff we would be lost without if we didn’t have it. I would gladly take my Amana fridge over my Blackberry anyday.

iPods and Walkmans, or how we perceive technology

The Sony Walkman is 30 years old. I still recall seeing my first Walkman. I was amazed at how good the sound quality was and yet how small it was. It was revolutionary to me.

There was another revolution, too. A social one. There was alot of talk at the time about how people were tuning out the world even as they were moving through it. It was not seen as a positive development.

All that has changed now, and how this technology is perceived now is very different than it was back then. To see how different, I recommend reading this article on the BBC web site. They asked a 13 year old to give up his iPod for a Walkman and to report back his experiences. It’s a good read: BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Giving up my iPod for a Walkman