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Yay! Futurama is coming back!

It’s true, says this: It’s official: ‘Futurama’ is reborn!
I’ll be interested to see how it changes. Personally I could do with less Bender and more of everyone else. Let’s see what they think and what you think.


Poor analysis in the WSJ on the difference between “whites” and “Asians”

It’s hard to know where to tackle this article: Brandeis Economists Find Race Leads to Price Disparity at Fulton Fish Market – Real Time Economics – WSJ. There are a number of things objectional with it. Let me start with the conclusion:

“White shoppers would fare better in a fish market with fixed and publicly displayed prices, Graddy and Hall conclude.”

Why not conclude: shoppers who appear to be willing to negotiate will fare better? After all, the abstract of the paper talks about how the authors “estimate a dynamic profit-maximization model of a fish wholesaler who can observe consumer characteristics, set individual prices, and thus engage in third-degree price discrimination.”  It seems like the person who wrote the column asked the authors a loaded question and they answered it.

Why didn’t the columnist ask: instead of being “Asian”, could looking poor affect how the wholesaler prices the fish? Or looking picky? White people can look either way. The same goes for people who appear to be from Asia. I would be willing to bet that if the tests were done with a  group of mainly poor looking white people and a group of affluent looking non whites, the former group would get better prices.

But I guess that wouldn’t make for as good a story in the WSJ then this one that says Asians are tough bargainers and white people are getting ripped off.