Daily Archives: June 7, 2009

Now that you are tweeting…

..you may be asking yourself: are there times I shouldn’t tweet? Well, yes. These may seem obvious, but I have seen may people break the guidelines listed in this posting on the blog Meg’s Single Step. There may be more than this, but start with the Top Ten Worst Times to Tweet.  Incidentally, what goes for tweeting goes for blogging and any other digital communications.

(Thanks to Andy Piper for the tip.)


Motown revisited

I love Tumblr. And I love Motown music. So why didn’t I think of doing something like this? No matter, someone did, and the result is good. You don’t like Motown? is a tumble log dedicated to that sweet music. If you like good music, then go take a listen.

Just one more good thing coming out of tumblr.com

You deserve to be happy – part 2 or Matt and Kim: Daylight

This is such a happy video. It makes me smile just watching it. See: