The great Roger Ridley, Playing for Change

Roger Ridley, a great performer, performs Bring It On Home, a great song,  as well as anyone. Take a listen….

There are many mediocre performers in the world who get far too much attention. And there are great performers like Roger Ridley, performers who, when you hear them, you think: man, more people ought to hear this person! That’s what I thought when I heard him. I hope you feel the same way.

Thanks to Playing for Change for bringing Roger to our attention. You should check them out, too.


14 responses to “The great Roger Ridley, Playing for Change

  1. Girls Flying Solo

    I don’t just like this song — I FEEL this song. Mr. Ridley’s voice is so earthy and rich with pure emotion. How cool is it to hear a throwback that sounds perfectly fresh in today’s music? Playing for Change … Peace through Music… I like.

  2. This man seems to have been truly a good man. The quality of his soul transpire in all his music.
    Those songs get an emotional dimension when one goes beyond the music and can feel the soul of the artist. Musicians like Roger Ridley fill their music with all the emotions of a life full of humanity …
    Take a look at the bio part of the site created in his honor after his death:
    This completes the portrait of a great, simple, full hearted man…

  3. Totally blown away by this man’s voice. Ever since I heard him on “Playing for Change”, I’ve been trying to get a hold of his one album that was released, “Taking you back”.

    It seems to be an impossible task!!!. I need to hear more Roger. Need it!.

    Anyone have a copy of his album or know of where I can obtain a copy?

    I would contact his family if I could. That’s how hard I’ve been trying….so frustrating.

  4. This man’s voice is incredibly unique and touching and I have spent significant time trying to buy his album online to no avail… if anyone has any luck let me know.

  5. Russ Ritenour

    The great lead singer on this video, Roger Ridley, has passed away. His widow, Ernestine sends her love and thanks to each of you who enjoyed Rodger’s musical talent.

    If you would like send her a note of support and admiration of Roger, she can be contacted at:

    Mrs. Ernestine (Roger) Ridley
    5419 W. Tropicana Av. #315
    Las Vegas,
    Nv. 89103

    If you would like her to respond, please include a self addressed stamped envelop.

    Also, you can buy Roger’s great CD, Taking You Back, via Amazon..

  6. What a performer..he’s amazing..the best I’ve heard by a country mile it’s not just the voice it’s his whole being if you know what I mean…they talk about this thing called the X factor..whatever that is he had it in abundance it’s so sad that he’s passed..the whole world should have got to hear this great man..I will say a prayer for his soul tonight..and may good bless all his family he is very sadly missed..from a new found fan…thank you Rodger