How to more than double the size of Canada – or Gallup and the desire of people worldwide to emigrate

Gallup found that over 16% of adults in the world would emigrate if they could, which means 700 Million Worldwide Desire to Migrate Permanently to some country. Where do they want to move?

Interestingly, 45 million people would move to Canada if they could. Not as big as the 165 million who would move to the U.S., but pretty signifigant.

And where do they want to move from?

Largely from sub-Saharan Africa. While I think that in any region, there is always a percentage of the population that has the desire to move regardless of the conditions, conditions in any region has a great deal to do with whether or not someone wants to move.

In the near future, there will be alot more movement of people. With technology and knowledge, moving is easier than ever before. The thing standing in the way is nationalism. I suspect in the 21st century, the will of people to move is going to give nationalism a pounding.

(Found through Matt Yglesias)


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