The paradox of high-end fashion…

…is that what the designers themselves wear is (more or less) like what everyone else in the world wears. As this article — Fashion Duds | What Designers Wear – The Moment Blog –  — points out, there are exceptions, like Karl Lagerfeld. (I’d add Gianfranco Ferre.) But lots of designers, be they Alexander McQueen, Dries Van Noten, or Georgio Armani, tend to dress pretty casually.

But don’t believe me: go the the Moment Blog and see the slide show.

2 responses to “The paradox of high-end fashion…

  1. This is indeed a very good point you have brought brought about here. This is indeed something that would be of a very good use to many. After reading this I just thought about for a minute about the different instances and do think that its very true. I think that staying with the flow is what the designers prefer even though they do think out of the bounds.

  2. That’s an interesting thing to be thought about. I think that it would be of a very good use to have some good benefits. Though, I have thought about it earlier but after reading this I just gave a brief thought and on a couple of occasions I found it to be true. I wonder what would be the reason behind it.

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