Daily Archives: March 3, 2010

You know you want these pants!

There are all kinds of great thing you can get at 20×200, include great art for $20. Check it out. (Found via Swiss Miss).

Don’t Hit F1 in Windows If a Web Site Asks You To!

It could end up with bad things being downloaded and run on your Windows PC. See Lifehacker if you want the details. In general, if a web site asks you to do something unusual, pass on it until you do some investigation.

Seb’s Cappuccino: Old World Cappuccino in Toronto

With so many coffee shops offering cappuccinos and other old world coffees, it’s hard to imagine that once only places like Seb’s Cappuccino would have been selling them. The great thing is that places like Seb’s still exist and still offer great cappuccinos, according to BlogTO. So head over and enjoy. (The canolis look amazing too).