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After HCR, it’s time for FinReg

WTH? In the United States at least, after HCR (Health Care Reform) we are going to see alot of people in the media and politicians talking about FinReg (Financial Regulation Reform). And just like with HCR, Ezra Klein at his Think Tank blog at the Washington Post has alot more good things to say about Finreg, including this. Well worth a read.

In trying to explain the value of abstract expressionism to my teenage daughter…

…I had a difficult time conveying what makes a Mark Rothko or a Barnett Newman painting great. 

However, seeing these three painting from the wonderful blog 2 or 3 things I know might do a better job of explaining it visually than my words did.

Here we have “green”:

and “black”

and “white”

Each image has a different feel to it, and the relationships of the colours to each other affects the way we perceive the works, as well as how the viewer relates to these colours generally. But having an image of a house on a horizon makes that somewhat easier to comprehend somehow than if we remove the house. The house gives us a bridge to appreciating the expressionistic nature of the paintings. Indeed, the paintings are practically abstract, though the iconic nature of a house makes us think otherwise.

 At least it seems that way to me. What do you think?

Want to make Easter Eggs with natural dyes rather than artificial colouring?

Then you want to read dye naturally at oliveloaf design. Easy to do and good looking results!

A brilliant use of paint, graphics and design lead to inspiration in education

How is this done? Well, Pentagram has done work at the Achievement First Endeavor Middle School in Brooklyn to inspire children and teachers there to work hard and succeed. The work was part of a “refurbishment and expansion of an existing building” and its a powerful example of how something smart and low cost be very effective.

I love this in particular. For kids in middle school at some point must think: why must I continue to go to school and learn all this stuff? And there are lots of reasons. But I think these five, painted here, are essential reasons, and a great thing to constantly remind people of:

I also thought this was a great thing for anyone going up the stairs to see:

Go to Pentagram’s site for more info.

(Thanks to the great blog Sunshine and Design for pointing this out.)