Daily Archives: March 14, 2010

For older dishwashers, consider using the cubes

Are you having problems with your older dishwasher? Mine was not getting my dishes clean, and I think it has to do with the soap cup not opening properly. I decided to switch to a brand the comes as a solid square and contains three types of detergent (that I am guessing dissolves at various times), and since then my dishes have come out sparkingly clean.

P.S. I’ve blogged about dishwashers before, but I was hesitant to do so again, thinking: what a boring topic. Then I saw that this was a trending topic:  When a Cap Full of Soap Is Not a Good Thing in the NYTimes.com. Clearly people love stories about dishwashers! I decided to add my two cents. đŸ™‚

The Spread of Goodness and how influential you are

I wrote before about how influential you are: more so than I think you suspect. This post, The Spread of Goodness from The Frontal Cortex, supportsd my belief with the backing of some experiments.

I’d argue that you don’t just influence via social networks, though: I think one’s presence and appearance and how you interact with strangers can be just as influential. (I especially thought this yesterday when I saw a car go out of it’s not to splash me with a big puddle on the road. That as very considerate and I appreciated the driver’s effort.)

Jeannette Montgomery Barron captures artists of the 1980s

This is a great set of portraits of artists associated with / from the 1980s. I like this one of John Lurie, but there is everyone here from Cindy Sherman to Robert Mapplethorpe to Jean-Michel Basquiat.

There are great photographs here at the site women in photography | jeannette montgomery barron, and good stories behind the photos as well. Go see.

The problem with the chart: why does a salad cost more than a Big Mac

This chart is getting alot of publicity on blogs that I read:

But as this post points out, Why a [U.S.] Big Mac costs less than a salad : Contrarian, it is “chart junk”. Specifically, why is a pyramid used? At best it should be a bar. But using a pyramid, you can overemphasize subsidies to meat and dairy and visually distort the actual subsidy. That isn’t to deny that meat and daily don’t get alot of subsidies. But there should be no need to change the chart to represent that.

I would also argue that a salad in Burger King — where I eat salads — does not cost more than a Whopper (roughly equivalent to a Big Mac). So I don’t know if the comparison holds. A salad in a restaurant other than a fast food restaurant will cost more than a Big Mac. But that has to do with alot more than meat and dairy subsidies.

That all said, I think it would be ideal if people ate more vegetables.