Daily Archives: March 12, 2010

Want to give someone a great gift for a little over $2?

Then consider this: Yum Printable Home Cooked Meal Gift Coupon by empapers on Etsy.  It looks like this:

You just print it and give it to the person who could use a well cooked meal (e.g., students, people moving or renovating, folks having a difficult time, parents of new borns, and every day people you love to spend time with!). Of course you have to spend a few more bucks on the food, but hey, even a simple meal given freely and generously should be appreciated by good family and friends. All you needed before was the invite…now you have it.

Jan Banning – Vermeer in Vietnam

What do you get if you use the work of Vermeer as the basis for a photo essay set in Vietnam? If you go to jan banning‘s web site, you will see. Banning has taken the composition and other aspects of famous Vermeer painting and set his Vietnamese subject matter to it. I recommend you go see the site for that, but really, he has some other great photo essays as well, including one on Bureaucrats and another on the survivors of force labour on the Burma and Sumatra railways.

All the photographs are well done, and the essays are strong. I’d include a sample here, but it’s all locked down in Flash.

How to find grocery deals in Toronto

Easy! Throw the output of my Yahoo Pipe: Toronto Grocery Deals from Toronto on the Cheap into your RSS reader. The URL is http://pipes.yahoo.com/bernie_michalik/weeklytorontogrocerydeals and is extracted from the feed of the excellent web site, Toronto on the Cheap.