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The Icelandic volcano and Global Warming

Wow. (From: http://theatlantic.com)

Some books that I picked up this weekend….

Reappraisals by Tony Judt
The Reformation by Patrick Collinson
A Short Guide to a Happy Life by Anna Quindlen
When All You Have is Hope by Frank O’Dea
On Becoming an Artist by Ellen J Langer
The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman

Clearly, it is time to get busy. ūüôā

Where to eat well, and for little, in Paris (in April, no less)

Here are Six Prix-Fixe Restaurants in Paris (NYTimes.com) that will give you great food from hot young chefs in Paris. If you are going to Paris, please go and tell me how it was.

I would love this beef and sauerkraut in puff pastry from Jadis. Yum.

Hans K√ľng puts a smackdown on Pope Benedict XVI in an Open Letter to the Bishops

Now it’s on. K√ľng has used the recent sex abuse scandal to launch a much broader attack on the Pope, saying in this open letter that the
Church is in the worst credibility crisis since Reformation (The Irish Times – Fri, Apr 16, 2010).¬† The letter is a catalog of complaints against the Pope, from his dealings with the Pius X Society, to the celebration of the Tridentine Mass to how he has dealt with “a scandal crying out to heaven”, the abus of young people and the subsequent cover-up.

While I am sure the Pope will dismiss K√ľng since, well…he’s Hans K√ľng, many other Roman Catholics will not, and some may join him. The legal forces outside combined with denunciation from within the Church will be a difficult thing for the Pope to bear.

Horrifying Stationery

That’s gotta hurt. For more horrific goodness, check out Horrifying Stationery from ReflectionOf.Me.

Tracking the flight cancellations due to the Icelandic volcano

If you are thinking of flying into Europe, the short answer is: think again. But if you are anxious about it, you can check on this map,
Tracking the Cancellations – Interactive Feature – NYTimes.com. It looks bad now. Only the outlying areas like Moscow and Madrid seem relatively unaffected.