Daily Archives: April 3, 2010

If you are developing mobile apps for the iPhone or iPad and want to know what to charge…

…then read this: iPhone Users Are More Than Willing to Pay for Apps – But Don’t Want to Pay a Lot.

Bottom line: people will pay some money, but not alot (as the folks at Wolfram discovered with their $50 app).

Men’s hats in Western society – a look back to a century ago

In this article Historicist: Greeting Easter 1910 – Torontoist there is an ad featuring men’s hats from a century ago:

…with Silk Hats (think:deluxe top hat), derby hats (think: English banker) and alpine hat (think: German hat geat in Oktoberfest). Clearly if women had to have their Easter bonnet, then men had to have their corresponding new hat to make the social circuit at this time of year. Eventually silk hats faded away sometime after 1919, and by the time the 1960s arrived, hats in general for men disappeared. (Unless you count baseball hats, which I don’t.)

Back in 1910 I am sure people would have found it difficult to believe that men would go out in public without a good hat. I wonder what people a century from now will think about our attire. I am sure that they will find it odd we still wear two piece suits and neckties. Perhaps even dress shoes as they are now will see odd.

Beige and orange

It’s hard to match up orange with other colours. But one thing that goes well with it is beige, as you can see here:

The beige mutes the orange which brightens up the beige. A great balance of colours.

(Found via A CUP OF JO: Airplane wedding)

The myth of style and money

If you have alot of money, you can get clothing that is constructed impeccably of the finest materials. But there’s more to having style than that. Indeed, as this Joe Fresh show at Toronto Fashion Week illustrates, you can look very stylish indeed with low cost clothing. H&M have been proving this for years by having big name designers like Lagerfeld and McCartney creating lines for them. Now Joe Fresh does it too.

It’s all about how you wear your clothes and carry yourself that determines your style. Not how much it all costs.