Daily Archives: April 23, 2010

How to build your own GSM cellular network and other things on my new IT blog at IBM developerWorks

I’ve started a new blog over at IBM’s developerWorks where I talk about topics related to my current professional life. You can find it and the information on how to build your own GSM cellular network here: Bernie Michalik.

I’ve been wanting to blog about technology for some time, but I wanted to seperate it from this blog, which is quite general and touches on any and all topics except for IT. For along time, I was concerned about blogging about what I work on. I have blogged in a group blog though, called The Orange Chair, on topics pertaining to Web 2.0 and emerging technology, and I think that has worked out well. This new blog on developerWorks will touch on IT generally.

It’s harder to blog about work. There is alot of things I can’t divulge publically. However, there are things of a general nature, either with regards to IT itself or working as an IT architect, that I thought were shareable, so to speak, and I plan to write about them. Let’s see! Maybe I have too much to blog about all ready, and this blog will fade away. I hope not. But like I said, let’s see. Besides, there is alot of interesting things happening in the world of IT: there is plenty of material to talk about! 🙂


Do you have a band? Can you do this number? If so, I will come listen to you anytime.

If The Beatles can do covers, you can too.

YouTube – You know you make me wanna SHOUT!

And here’s the Isley Brothers. On. Fire!