Daily Archives: April 11, 2010

Did you know you could get Google to…

… act as a calculator, look up area codes and convert currency? Sure, it can find web sites, but as this article, 10 Simple Google Search Tricks – NYTimes.com shows, it can do a few things you likely didn’t know it could do. Neat!

Why I like Karl Lagerfeld

Simple: he could retire/rest on his laurels. Instead, he is incessant in looking for new venues for his ideas. Here’s his latest: designing for Coca-Cola, no less.

Robitussin and Pregnancy

Anyone looking to get pregnant and has heard of this should read this great piece of journalism, Robitussin: Pregnancy in a $5 bottle of hope – The Globe and Mail. It covers the story very well in addition to showing what I suspect is the state of affairs with regards to human fertility. What was also interesting is that it highlights that the makers of Robitussin are not jumping on the bandwagon with this potential new feature of their product. Lastly, even the comments — always a weak spot in the Globe and Mail — are good.

Superb science/health reporting.

A great new online planner: Weekplan

What I like about WeekPlan is that it is not just a todo list tool (though there’s nothing wrong with that). Instead, it is a weekly dashboard with your todos for the week as well as your goals that you can break down by into groups (E.g. here the author has stated his Dad goals, his husband goals and his own goals. You could add work goals, creative goals, etc.).

It also has likes to your overall vision, helping you stay focused. As Lifehacker states, WeekPlan Pairs Your Tasks with the Motivation Behind Them. Check out the Lifehacker article and then checkout the tool. It’s simple and easy to use. I highly recommend it.