Daily Archives: May 11, 2010

Music for the Midweek: Finley Quaye and Melanie Fiona

Wednesday music should not be too up tempo, but it shouldn’t be too quiet. To me, it should be something like…well, these two pieces:

First up is Finley Quaye and Your Love Gets Sweeter Everyday. It reminds me in parts of Sam Cooke, Van Morrison and Fine Young Cannibals. How can you not listen?

Second to no one is Melanie Fiona doing Cupid on Billboard.com’s Mashup Mondays (Melanie is great, but those video overlays are so annoying…look away)

Both songs have good vocals and good acoustic guitar work.

Hey, there’s a few more hours of work until Friday: these tunes will help you get there.


Where are the best Greasy Spoons in Toronto?

BlogTO.com has a run down of the Best Greasy Spoons in Toronto, and I have to say that, having eaten in many of them, they have a really good list. If anything, it is a bit of a disservice to call them “greasy” spoons, since many of them have tastier food than you will find in alot of fast food joints or pubs. Plus these diners have plenty of charm and are often in great locations. As the article says, these types of establishments are fading fast. Get out a grab a club or an open faced sandwich while you still can.

I would also add Sunset Grill: it does mainly breakfast, but the cooking style is in line with these other places. And if you are ever in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, you have to go to Mike’s, my all time favourite restaurant service just this style of food. Delicious!