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Monday morning Music

Monday morning is coming. You need something to fire you up! Try this: Buraka Som Sistema – Sound of Kuduro


If you are thinking of leaving Facebook, but can’t thinking of alternatives, then consider

This post on rocket.ly,  Why You Should Still Quit Facebook, and in particular, these alternatives:

I am not aware of any good solutions for privacy in social media. Facebook has expressly moved away from providing one. But there are plenty of good opt-out solutions. Twitter works fine for status updates. For photos, we’ve had Flickr for years. For video, YouTube. For link sharing, Digg. I’ve picked these because they are all independent companies, but there are dozens of solutions for sharing social media.

A young woman explains why she wears the niqab, the all-covering veil

This article about a young woman who wears a niqab while in parts of Yemen (Los Angeles Times) is revealing in a way that the niqab is concealing. Reading about the …

“..20-year-old university student Layla Asda decided to wear the face-covering veil niqab, her father went ballistic. A relatively secular artist, he told her that the black cloak made her look like an old woman.

Still she continued to wear it, even though her family opposed it.”

..what I thought was how much wearing the niqab for this person is about protection and the negation of identity. I thought that was interesting. I also thought it was sad. I don’t think anyone should live in any society and be afraid for themselves, or to think that need to hide their identity. I had expected to hear she wears it more to promote an identity, a personal identity or an identification with a group. I had expected to hear more positive reasons to wear it. At least in this interview, those did not come across. I wonder if there are interviews with women who have a more positive outlook when it comes to wearing this.

A quick observation on how different generation use social technology differently

Me "Tweeting" to everyone in my studio. LLAP on Twitpic

This is Leonard Nimoy using Twitter. It’s from twitpic and they force this bad quality if you embed it on your blog. That said, I like this photo, but what I really like is how he and William Shatner and others of older generations tweet. For example, with this photo, he tweeted: Me “Tweeting” to everyone in my studio. LLAP. William Shatner does something similar, where they both make a tweet almost a letter or a note. (LLAP, live long and prosper, is his signoff). Leonard Nimoy has adopted the technology, but he still maintains conventions of communicating that is different than people of younger generations. You can see generation differences in how people communicate using social media, even though there is a degree of overlap forced on them by the constraints of the technology.

(This photo is property of Leonard Nimoy)

Why the news is failing

Frank Rich has a scathing column,  They Don’t Report. You Don’t Have to Decide on the NYTimes.com in which he criticizes the mainstream media for it’s poor coverage of the Times Square bomb scare, where they were yucking it up with the President  at the White House Correspondents Dinner instead of breaking to report on the breaking news event. There are a number of indirect criticisms in the column, but the overall impression is that Rich thinks today’s journalists are so busy celebrating themselves that they can’t be bothered to actually do their jobs. At first I thought it was a bit unfair, but then I came across this photo from the blog Sunshine + Design:

Then I thought: Frank Rich, as he always does, has a point. It reminded me of this photo from another great blog, Iconic Photos. It’s of nine European kings, taken in 1910, at the funeral of the English King, Edward VII:

Also at the funeral was an Emperor, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. By the end of the decade, most of these Kings were swept away. The same may be true with the Media Kings above, and the media empires they represent. Especially if they don’t smarten up and deal with the changes that are coming along and threaten to sweep them away as well.