A young woman explains why she wears the niqab, the all-covering veil

This article about a young woman who wears a niqab while in parts of Yemen (Los Angeles Times) is revealing in a way that the niqab is concealing. Reading about the …

“..20-year-old university student Layla Asda decided to wear the face-covering veil niqab, her father went ballistic. A relatively secular artist, he told her that the black cloak made her look like an old woman.

Still she continued to wear it, even though her family opposed it.”

..what I thought was how much wearing the niqab for this person is about protection and the negation of identity. I thought that was interesting. I also thought it was sad. I don’t think anyone should live in any society and be afraid for themselves, or to think that need to hide their identity. I had expected to hear she wears it more to promote an identity, a personal identity or an identification with a group. I had expected to hear more positive reasons to wear it. At least in this interview, those did not come across. I wonder if there are interviews with women who have a more positive outlook when it comes to wearing this.


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