Daily Archives: May 18, 2010

How to stay on Facebook but get a better handle on your privacy while you are there

Alot of people are using ReclaimPrivacy.org, a Facebook Privacy Scanner. I’ve tried it and it’s pretty effective. It will give you a rundown of where you may have potential exposures, and try to take action to correct openings you may want to close. Highly worthwhile to check this out.


How to easily just get the “High/Low” items from The Moment on nytimes.com?

Easy: just use my Yahoo! Pipe here: Pipes: NYTimes-The-Moment-High-Low. It combines the RSS feed from the Men’s and Women’s fashion on The Moment blog on the NYTimes.com, then it filters out everything but items that contain “high low”.

The benefit of this is that if you are simply interested in great fashion bargains, you don’t have to wade through everything else.

Also, if you use iGoogle or My Yahoo, you can get it on those pages too. Heck, there are lots of ways Yahoo Pipes will deliver it to you. Check them all out! And if you find this useful, please let me know.