What’s next for Wikileaks?

Can be seen in this blog post: The Leak And The Coming Flood – The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan.

Like I said in my earlier post, business is the next target. And the material being sent to Wikileaks appears to be ramping up, much as I suspected. There is even a reference to Napster in this post!

Like I also said, what is the real story here is coming into focus, and it is not about the leaks regarding the U.S. government. It is bigger and wider than that.


One response to “What’s next for Wikileaks?

  1. Ingrid van der Walt

    I am an honours student doing an assignment on : “… the lessons from Wikileaks ” . I am focusing on the history of Whistleblowing and the role of this in Wikileaks .

    I am interested in hearing what you think we can learn from the Wikileaks-debacle ?

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