One former underdog talks to another former underdog: some thoughts on Obama on Twitter

In April of 2008, this is typical of what people were writing about Twitter: Much atwitter about nothing? | VentureBeat. It starts off with the sentence:

There is a lot of talk today on the topic of no one caring about the short-form message service, Twitter, outside of a select group of insider tech people.

If any service or technology deserves recognition for being an underdog, it’s this one.

Three years later and we have the President of the U.S. (also an underdog for his current position) holding an open forum in which he takes all of the questions from people’s tweets ( I highly recommend the TechCrunch article, and although it tends to gloss over the success that Twitter has been building up along the way, it does a great job of highlighting what is great about it.

And Twitter still is the underdog: the first thing that people said when Google Plus came out was a variation of “this is going to be bad for Twitter”. People have been betting against Twitter since the beginning. I’ll believe it when I see it.

And speaking of the President on Twitter, there is this fantastic infographic put together of the event that can be found here in its full glory. Here’s my shrunken version:

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