Another number (besides the unemployment figures) to look at when it comes to the upcoming U.S. elections

Is this one: real disposable personal income (as shown in this graph).

As you can see, it has recovered almost to the peak of where it was just before the start of the Great Recession. What this means is that while people will say the economy is still bad, what they are able to save or purchase has recovered signifigantly in the last four years. I think that may make them less resistant to changing government than political analysts may think based on other numbers (like the unemployment rate). Time will tell soon enough.

P.S. I got this from Matt Yglesias ( who wrote about it in the context of the Bush signs stimulus bill of 2008.That stimulus accounts for spike in 2008. Then the Great Recession strikes and things drop dramatically. This was followed by further stimulus, including payroll tax cuts.

Graph: Real Disposable Personal Income (DSPIC96) – FRED – St. Louis Fed


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