Friday Night Music: “I want you back”, past and present

This week the great Janelle Monáe was in Toronto and among other numbers, she performed this classic:

Janelle Monáe – I Want You Back, Live @ the Nobel Peace Prize Concert 2011 – YouTube

I love love love her, but this is a version….well, it’s a bit too fast.(Still great though.) To see what I mean, here’s the ultimate version, performed by the Jacksons themselves, on Soul Train, no less:

Michael Jackson with The Jackson 5 on Soul Train I Want You Back – YouTube

Eiher way, it is an exceptional song.

Bonus: if you, like I, think this is one of the great songs of the 20th century, let the young ones you know listen to this:

Chances are they know this show, and they will groove to this version. And if they do, your work is done.

Victorious I Want You Back Music Video HD with lyrics – YouTube

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  1. You missed one…. ; )