Getting a new iPhone? Maybe you should want to get a new plan too. Read this

This June 2013 article (What’s the best, cheapest Canadian cellphone plan out there? | has a good rundown of the various cellphone service providers and their lowest cost plan and everything that you get with that. Even if you don’t want the cheapest plan, knowing that can help you negotiate the plan you really need. Highly recommended.

Get the new iPhone (if they have it) and save money on your plans. Good deal.

2 responses to “Getting a new iPhone? Maybe you should want to get a new plan too. Read this

  1. So given I have Wind Mobile right now at $40/month with practically unlimited everything except for lousy coverage.

    If I get the iPhone 5s from Bell’s best rate at $50/month but say I save $500 on the phone assuming an unlocked phone costs $700 if I get a contract for 3 years.

    It would be $200 + $50 * 36 = $2000 for limited use but good coverage on Bell

    For Wind it would be $700 + $40 * 36 = $2140 for practically unlimited use but lousy coverage with Wind.

    But let’s look at the data plan from Wind == unlimited vs 150 megabytes of Bell… um I guess I can watch 3 youtube videos per month and never tether my phone to my laptop.

    Also chances are I can probably get a better deal on the phone than $700 anyway. I am only going for the 32GB model not the 64GB one.

    So I may stick with Wind. At least now I’d have a phone that would last longer than a day without having to hack or clean it up regularly.