IT and society (or what I find interesting in tech, December 2021)

This list is different than most, in that there is more of a focus on IT and society vs how to use tech.  For example, here is a recommendation of 14 tactics to use during a ransomware negotiation. I can’t vouch for those, though I can say ransomware continues to be a big problem. On the flip side of IT and crime, the Toronto’s police board is seeking the public’s input on using artificial intelligence for policing. Input is good: I hope they act on it.

Getting back to (alleged) crime, here’s two good pieces on Theranos: Theranos drained $96 million from an experienced investor ‚ plus some blood and How Elizabeth Holmes Soured the Media on Silicon Valley. To be fair to Holmes, she wasn’t alone on the souring of SV.

Big changes at this place recently: Twitter makes big changes for devs as it eyes decentralized future. Plus Jack is gone. It’s an odd company.

Two things on Q&A: Talks Masks  and the worst gadgets. He gets a mention in the second piece because he seems to be associated with some of the worst IT. He is successful in music: in technology, less so.

As someone who has given serverless a go from time to time, I agree with this:  The Unfulfilled Promise of Serverless.

Here’s a good piece on K8S:  Introduction Getting started with scalable web application on Kubernetes. Here’s why you should use IBM Cloud: Why IBM Hybrid Cloud for Your Journey to the Cloud?. Here’s why you should use Terraform to Define Custom Views for Your Log Analysis and Activity Tracker Instances.

This is one of the best things I’ve read on COBOL:  Why and how COBOL is still used.

Finally, this is good:  Logitech’s latest device is an all-in-one dock that turns your table full of gadgets into the best WFH setup ever.




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