Kids and parents and the new technology

I think the does a great job covering technology. Much better than many technology publication, in many ways: the writing is insightful, balanced, and well…usually better written and edited.

The latest article that I think is worthwhile is this one: Text Generation Gap: U R 2 Old (JK)

I like it perhaps because I have a 12 year old daughter and it speaks to me. But even technophobes should read it and see how the latest generation uses and approaches technology.

My main criticism of any article that lines up generations with technologies is that these are usually crude generalizations. It gets more interesting once you start looking at each generation and trying to understand the use of technology within a generation. That said, this article is a good one.

(The image is by Andrew M Daddio ( and accompanies the article.)

One response to “Kids and parents and the new technology

  1. Actually I learn a lot from the younger generation. I have a show called Techno Granny hosted at The show is designed to help baby boomers and beyond to get up to date with 21st Century technology but becuse of the time, 7 AM EST I have garned some youthful international listeners.

    They have a blast with me because some times they need to help me out with the technology and also with what the chat means on my chat board. This is an interactive show with live call in and live chat and takes some multi-tasking.

    Also I needed to make a comparsion chart for a client recently and no one could understand what I needed. My grandson happened to be having a “moment” with me and went to EXCEL with no challenges and just got it together for me.

    There may be a technology gap but we certainly need to bridge it.

    You can check out the show at:

    the blog with show notes is:

    Continued prosperity and blessings,
    Joanne Quinn-Smith