Robert Parker on “cheap” wines

Ok, I am miffed. I was writing about low cost wines well before Robert Parker, and now he is cutting in on my act! 🙂

Goofiness aside, he has a good article on Fifteen California Wines for Under $25 in BusinessWeek. For Parker, anything in the $20-$25 price range is low cost, and he mentions some here that go as low as $10 (U.S.).

If you can find any of them, I recommend you grab them and given them a try.

PS. If you live in Ontario, you can get the Château St. Jean FumĂ© Blanc for $20.95 (vs. $13 in the US!), the Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay for $19.95 (vs. $15 in the US), the Tablas Creek CĂ´tes de Tablas for $25.75 (vs $22). If it is indeed the same wine, you can get the Beringer Chardonnay Napa for $27.95 (vs $16!! WTF?!)

2 responses to “Robert Parker on “cheap” wines

  1. smartpeopleiknow

    And btw, I have tried the Kendall-Jackson: it’s delicious.

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