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How to pronounce Gew├╝rztraminer, Viognier, and all those other wine associated words

It’s easy. Just visit the Glossary of Wine Pronunciation at InterWine.co.uk. It’s comprehensive.

The Markets are Up. Is that good?

It appears to be, if you look at this chart and the recent direction of the blue line.

But as Paul Krugman observed, look at the gray line labeled “Crash of 1929”. It too had an upward turn at roughly the same time in the cycle. And indeed, not only that line, but the other lines also had periods of upward trends before the overall trend assumed it’s downward trend.

That said, each economy is different. All we can say is up is better than down, even if up doesn’t necessarily mean we are done with down, yet.

(From The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan (April 02, 2009) – The Markets Are Up)

Why General Motors is Doomed…

…is captured in this chart:

Nate Silver over at FiveThirtyEight has an explanation on why GM’s Problems are 50 Years in the Making. So there is going to be alot of talk about short term steps such as restructing and bankrupcy protection and Chapter 11. But to me, looking at this chart, I see one doomed company. Instead of chapter 11, it’s time for chapter 7. And I think the focus should no longer be about GM (or Chrysler). Instead, the focus should be on Michigan and the American (and for that matter, Canadian) automobile industry.