Daily Archives: April 18, 2009

The great Muji

Every summer I see people dressed like…well, slobs. There’s little excuse for it, especially if you are near a Muji store. For example, this women’s T-shirt is just over 20 bucks but looks like a million. Get one for jeans and one for a suit. For more details, see The Moment Blog

In case you regret not buying the Brooklyn Bridge….

…you will be delighted to see that the great State of Texas is for sale on eBay. In case you think it is a mistake or a different Texas, read this:

The great state of Texas is for sale. All proceeds will go towards paying off the national debt of the United States of America. Must sell before she secedes! You’ll receive the whole state including all sports teams. Historic sites include the Alamo, Lyndon Johnson’s boyhood home, Bishop’s Palace, and so many more. Think of the income opportunities. The state is also plentiful in both hunting and fishing sites. As an added benefit you can make all your friends real, Texas Rangers. How about that!

So get out your credit card and click here:

The Great State of Texas – eBay (item 170322454911 end time Apr-24-09 10:29:03 PDT)

Better hurry. China might beat you too it. 😉