Daily Archives: April 10, 2009

AP says the new Hannah Montana movie shouldn’t be reviewed by adults then proceeds to do so

The rules of reviewing a creative work are simple to me, as I read them once before:

  1. What is the work (book, film, etc.) trying to do?
  2. Does it do it?
  3. Was it worth doing it?

From what I see in this review, I get a good sense of points 1 and 2. And based on the discussions that I have been having with my 13 year old daughter, number 3 has already been established, at least for it’s audience Based on that, the new HM film is a critical success.

Faults like “why can’t anyone see that Miley Cyrus is Hannah Montana” could equally be levelled at any number of mistaken identity plot devices in everything from Shakespeare to Superman. Hey, they propel the plot: get your suspension-of-belief hat on and enjoy it!  Likewise for some of the other critiques, albeit gentle ones, in this AP Review: `Hannah Montana’ fans will love new movie.

I just bought the tickets online for her and her friends because the buzz was so great on FB that she was concerned about getting there and having the tickets all gone the way it almost happened for Twilight.

Personally, I would rather go to the dentist than go see it myself. (And I hate going to the dentist). But then again, it is not for me. Or grown ups reviewing films either.