Daily Archives: April 21, 2009

Recession Era Beauty

If you love blooming flowers, but feel you have to cut back or stop buying fresh flowers, consider Carlos Mota Silk Flowers (featured on The Moment blog at NYTimes.com). They’re exceptional, if for their price as much as their look. If you want to buy them, you can go here from HSN. 

Iraq and Web 2.0

CNN reports that Twitter, WordPress and other Web 2.0 executives are in Iraq to help country use new media.
It’s part of a mission led by the U.S. State department. Like many places in the world, Iraq doesn’t have alot of homes with Internet access (around 5%) but practically everyone there has a cell phone. That might seem like a serious limit for new media, but it  is becoming less and less of a limitation, based on stories I have been reading concerning places with similar usages of technology.

For more on this story, see the article linked to above. I look forward to seeing more contributions from the people of Iraq, soon: perhaps I’ll get some Iraqi followers on twitter.

P.S. Not sure what Hillary Clinton is apparently “bogging”, though. I suspect she is “blogging”.

Celebrate Shakespeare’s Birthday on April 23rd by…

…well, talking like an Elizabethan. Or what you might think that would sound like. Not sure? CNN has the details here:
Unleash thy inner bard on ‘Talk Like Shakespeare Day’

I think this is almost as good as talk like a pirate day. 🙂