Innis & Gunn – Oak Aged Beer

Innis & Gunn – Oak Aged Beer is one of my favourite beers. Because it is aged in oak,   it has an unusual taste for a beer. I really like their “Blonde” beer: if you think you might not like such a beer, try that one first, since it is lighter. And check out their site: it has all you want to know about the beer, from where to buy it to what it goes well with. Regardless of which one you try, you owe it to yourself to discover it. Treat yourself!

5 responses to “Innis & Gunn – Oak Aged Beer

  1. Hi Bernie, I’m delighted that you enjoy our beer so much!

    I thought you might be interested to hear that Innis & Gunn Limited Edition Canadian Cask launches today (1st June) in the LCBO. We brewed it in celebration of Canada Day 2009 and as a thank you to Canada for embracing our brand.

    Canadian Cask has been brewed using a lightly kilned malted rye and matured using antique Canadian whisky barrels which impart a fruity toffee-raisin character and deep red hue. We are truly delighted with the result and we’re sure Canadians will also love it.


  2. smartpeopleiknow

    Yay! That is great news, indeed, and another reason why it is great to be Canadian! 🙂 Though we will be happy to share with guests.

  3. Douglas Goldsmith

    I spent the last couple of weeks in Edinburgh and found a new favorite beer…Innis and Gunn. My flight arrived late last eveing and today I visited my local store trying to find it. No luck. Does anyone have an idea as to where I may find it here in Maryland, USA?

  4. Really quality ale you have to say! first time I tried it I was totally bowled over by it, then it knocked me flat on ma back when the cold air hit me when I was leaving the pub. Now I’m a bit obsessed, I have the same problem in my area West Lothian Scotland! nowhere near me stocks it!! im only 30 miles from Edinburgh but I’ve resorted to buying it online from this shop on the royal mile.. Very Ocassionally I take the journey through to Edinburgh to get a case from the shop but it probably costs me more that way than having it delivered!

    • smartpeopleiknow

      It is a superp beer. The makers of it should be proud. We can get two versions here in the part of Canada I am in: the original and a Blonde version. the latter is a bit milder, but still has those same qualities and is still delicious (and great in the summer).

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