Chloé Richard, Gerhart Richter and Vermeer

Thanks to the blog, Letter To Jane, I’ve discovered another great photography blog, this time by Chloé Richard.

What struck me was the similarity I found between this photograph of Richard’s

and this work of art by Gerhart Richter:

which no doubt borrows something or is influenced by this painting by Vermeer

There are similarities to each of the works, particularily in the contemplative aspect of the single woman in the work, the triangular composition, and the importance of the light source. Even the nature of the woman’s hair. There is likely alot more that I am missing, not being an art historian. And I can’t say that Chloé Richard is influenced by or even is aware of Richter’s work. But I was struck by the common elements in each of the work.  What do you think?

Regardless, you should check out Richard’s blog and the great photographs there. Oh, and check out the work of Richter and Vermeer: they’re pretty good, too. 🙂

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