Mary Walsh, as Marg Delahunty, Goes Rogue trying to talk to Sarah Palin

Well. What to say. I guess first, for those of you who don’t know, the “journalist” trying to interview Sarah Palin is actually the great Canadian comedian, Mary Walsh.  While I think the “protection” Sarah Palin has in this video is ridiculous, I have to say it’s a good thing Mary Walsh didn’t get to pin her down. Although, as you can see in the video…

Way to go, Mary! You make me proud to be a Canadian.

The Huffington Post has more here: Palin Tricked By Comedian Again, Says Canada Should Drop Public Health Care (VIDEO)


3 responses to “Mary Walsh, as Marg Delahunty, Goes Rogue trying to talk to Sarah Palin

  1. Uhmm…so where’s the funny part? Mary Walsh comes off as buffoonish…but I guess there’s not too much to be proud of up there in moose country.

    • smartpeopleiknow

      Moose country! Ha! Actually, we are proud of our moose, but we can’t claim them all to ourselves, since most of the north states of the U.S. and of course Alaska, home of Sarah Palin, also have moose. (Indeed the credits for “Northern Exposure”, set in Alaska, features Mort the Moose.)

      I’d like to think we are proud of Mary Walsh. She’s as fearless as she is funny, and epitomizes the best of people from Newfoundland. I am certain we are proud of our health care system, the thing that Sarah Palin was critical of in this video. We’re proud of the beauty of this country, the people who live in it, and the greatness that comes from it. Lots to be proud of in Canada. Just like the US has lots to be proud of, too.

      Thanks for reading and commenting on the blog.

  2. If Mary Walsh epitomises the best of people from Newfoundland then it should be no wonder why the rest of Canada avoids going there. Fortunately, she doesn’t. Mary Walsh just represents the silly, knee-jerk reactionaries that work for the publicly-funded CBC who truly believe they and only they represent Canada. Not so.