On watching the Oscars, the Olympics etc with hundreds of my closest friends

Last night I watched the Oscars with hundreds of people I hang out with
daily. I did the same thing watching Olympic hockey. Likewise during the
recent U.S. Presidential election. How I did it was via Twitter.

Having done this for these events, I can’t imagine doing it without Twitter
now. I love hearing and exchanging viewpoints with my tweeps while the
event goes on.exciting events are more exciting and boring bits are more
bearable. And I get to hear people’s opinions in real time, not days later.
It’s not the same as a party, but it is pretty good and better than
watching it by yourself.

If you haven’t done it, I highly recommend it. You’ll have fun and learn
more about the people you follow on Twitter.

(Hacked out on my Blackberry. Thanks for reading this.)
Sent from my BlackBerry Handheld.

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