Wye Oak – Please Concrete

Smart.  Melodic. Sparse. Indie in the best sense. A really good song given a really good video to go with it. Watch:

YouTube – Wye Oak – Please Concrete

2 responses to “Wye Oak – Please Concrete

  1. Nice…but sad, too.
    It reminded me of something my daughter said yesterday, about people becoming increasingly engaged with technology, and less connected with the people around them.
    If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a commercial on TV about this.
    The dad is coming home from work, tweeting or texting on his Blackberry, while his wife sits in the dark of their home office, online, and barely acknowledges his arrival home. Meanwhile, his 2 kids are in the livingroom playing video games.
    The next shot is of the dad opening the refrigerator & noticing an old family picture that has fallen onto the floor. He looks around and realizes no one is connected to each other anymore.
    ….Something to think about for sure.

    • smartpeopleiknow

      Well, I don’t want to totally absolve technology, but how connected people are depends on the feelings they have for each other, and if those feelings are strong then technology, if anything, can help people connect.

      Technology is an accelerant. It can accelerate in all sorts of ways, which makes it powerful and dangerous. But I think it is as much if not more of a media then a message.

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