What is by default public on your Facebook profile. May 2010 edition.

can be seen here

If that’s too small, click on this. As you can see: quite alot.


3 responses to “What is by default public on your Facebook profile. May 2010 edition.

  1. Facebook is not having a good week with all the publicity around privacy. I have removed most of my personal information (and other pages) with all the recent changes … but the one that has got me most concerned is that my personal information being accessed by my applications being used by my friends.

    PS. I don’t use FB applications like you.

    • smartpeopleiknow

      It is certainly in a storm of bad publicity. I think part of that is the nature of the company: they act like a startup, but they have almost 1/2 billion users. Because of the latter, they should be more conservative and respective of the user community, in my opinion, than they currently are. Let’s see what happens to them, and the people who use it. I predict more roughness yet.

  2. Tsk tsk! You should never post your birthday on any website, EVER! Who really needs to know that information, other than your birth month and date, which I acknowledge are important, as birthday wishes and gifts are always to be encouraged ;@)

    And yes, @bartman905, that is my primary concern about Facebook: while I avoid those 3rd-party applications, many of my friends are all too fond of them. That means no matter how careful I personally may be, it doesn’t really matter, because all my contact information will be accessible due to any of my friend’s use of applications.

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