Saturday night music with some great guitarists playing in their own unique way

First up is  Django Reinhardt – J’attendrai Swing 1939

Watch how Reinhardt’s plays the chords and compare it to the other guitarists. (You can find out why he has to play that way here). Bonus: Stéphane Grappelli!

And just a reminder of some more brilliant playing from this guitarist from Botswana:


5 responses to “Saturday night music with some great guitarists playing in their own unique way

  1. Both videos demonstrate the, indomitable human spirit!
    They exemplify the truly awesome innate ability that humans possess to overcome “obstacles” by directing their energies (via passion)….with amazing outcomes!
    In the 1st clip, Django demonstrates superb technical, virtuosity, in spite of having his 4th & 5th fingers fused together from injuries he sustained in a fire.
    In the 2nd clip, this African woman has obviously not had the luxury of formal, musical training, and is in all likelihood, self-taught, and yet still manages to play with consistent tempo & complicated chord structures without even knowing it!
    Truly inspiring stuff!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • smartpeopleiknow

      Actually, there are other videos of the guitarist from Botswana and se plays in the traditional way there. This seem more the case of him showing his skills, which are impressive.

      I wonder if he has played alot: his guitar has alot of wear in places. Lots of play would account for those great skills.

      And of course, Django never fails to impress.

  2. Of course, Django is the genius. But thanks for the player from Botswana with his remarkable technique. Who is he, where and why did he learn to play that way? Are there more like he in that country?

    • smartpeopleiknow

      There are lots of great guitarists in Botswana, based on the small sample I have seen on Youtube. If you type is “Botswana Music Guitar” you will see a long list, including more of this guitarist, Ronnie. Sadly, that’s all I know of them…I came across them serendipitously on the Internet and I just had to share them.

  3. She. The more remarkable. Female guitarplayers used to be unique until just a few years ago even in Western Culture. So, who is the lady, and what is her background. And of course, what’s her guitar’s history?

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