The Political Thinking of Anders Behring Breivik

Doug Saunders has it, specifically

…the collected writings of Anders Behring Breivik, accused of killing more than 84 young people at a Labour Party gathering in Norway and at least seven in a car bombing in Oslo. These are comments he posted on the right-wing site

It’s a good thing this was grabbed when it was. If you go to the site now, you get a one page site that says means “be right back”. It will be interesting to see if his writing is still there when that site comes back online. It’s worthwhile that Doug Saunders (from the Globe and Mail) and his friends were able to capture this and translate it like they did.

I could summarize what his thinking is like, but it won’t take too many pages of reading to come to your own conclusions.

One response to “The Political Thinking of Anders Behring Breivik

  1. Update: Tues, July 26 -Alleged, actual journal entries leading up to the event (Unless this is a bogus news article)
    It does seem strange that such a document would be released to the public so soon.