Why I love my iPod touch: wireless!

I am a big fan of iPods. I have four: the original Shuffle, the new Shuffle, a Nano, and the Touch. I love them all, but I especially love the new Touch. While it has alot of great features, what has surprised me is how useful the wireless feature is. I expected only to be able to use this at home, but I have found that there is free wireless almost everywhere, if you go looking for it. And the Touch makes it easy to find. As a result, I am able to surf the web via Safari, watch YouTube videos, and check my email from many places. It’s great, especially since in Canada, you cannot officially get an iPhone. I am wondering if I need it! 🙂

Find out more about this here: Apple – iPod touch – Features – Wireless

5 responses to “Why I love my iPod touch: wireless!

  1. Hey Bernie,

    I was also wondering about the iPod touch vs. iPhone before, but 4 things in the iPhone are essential to me:
    – the integration between your contact list and your phone
    – the ability to find your location in Google Maps (I’m using Navizone for that)
    – the built-in camera
    – being ALWAYS connected – even though free wireless is becoming more pervasive, I often find myself in places where I can’t find one.

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  3. I decided against the iPhone as i change my mobile device frequently and feel that the iPod Touch is worthy of being in my possession for more than 9-12 months. It’s a well constructed device with one of the best user interfaces i have come across, along with a method of digital application delivery that any idiot can use. First class from Apple.

    I hope you are still having fun now with it!

  4. I have the nano, i love it by the way why can’t you officcially get an iphone in canada?

  5. How can I get wifi anywhere I’m at on my ipod touch? how you do it because I’ve been trying to I can’t find the way.