Patronage and Ana Marie Cox

Normally, patronage in the political arena is seen as a bad thing. Here’s a chance where it can be a good thing.

Ana Marie Cox is one of the bright lights of U.S. journalism currently. She could use your support.

It’s easy! Just click on her name and go from there. As they say on infomercials, act now! 🙂

I am hoping that she meets her funding challenge.

I also would like to request that she take a portion of my money and use it to buy Joe Klein a drink when this is all over. He deserves a drink because (a) he’s written some great posts lately at Time’s Swampland (b) he’s had to put up with alot of unfair abuse from other writers (c) no one can mock Bill Kristol with the finesse that Joe can (he deserves a drink for that alone).

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