Raise a glass of Glen Breton for their legal victory

As this Globe and Mail article explains, Glenora Distillers from Cape Breton (David) has won a big victory and is celebrating the end of a nine-year name battle against the Scotch Whisky Association (Goliath). Why? For using the word “Glen” in its product.  Really. Never mind it has “Canada” right on the label (see the picture). And never mind that Cape Breton is very rich in Scotch heritage. In fact, when I first heard of Glen Breton, I thought: about time!

So if you want to celebrate a big victory for the underdog and enjoy a glass of truly fine single malt at the same time, pick up a bottle of Glen Breton. Better still, go to Cape Breton and get it directly. You’ll be glad you did.


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