The Proxy Fight for Iranian Democracy (slightly techie)

The protests against the elections in Iran are occurring in many places and many ways. One way protesters in Iran are trying to get their messages out to the world is via the Internet, while those against the protesters are trying to shut this down. To bypass this, Iranians are using proxy servers around the world. Where around the world? Well…everywhere. The good folks at the Renesys Blog have put together this great post (The Proxy Fight for Iranian Democracy) that not only explains how this works, but gives you visualizations (such as the one I am linked to above) showing where Iranians are going to communicate. It’s a great article, although it helps to be a “techie” to appreciate it.

It’s visualizations like this that remind me that, while we live in the visible world, there is an invisible world of computer networks and radio waves and  air traffic paths and other such constructs that we are only vaguely aware of and yet we are often highly dependent upon.


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