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Post summer, it’s time to freshen up your place

Now that the weather is getting cooler and then colder, we’ll all be spending more time indoors. If you look around and think a) I need to freshen up my place b) I am strapped for funds to do that, then check out this article from Style At Home: 15 best budget buys.

Even with very limited funds, you will get some good ideas to make your indoors seem fresh.


My first Thinkpad

Tomorrow is my 26th anniversary with IBM. When I first joined IBM, they gave me one of these:

It’s a notebook. I wish I still had it, for IBM stopped giving this out some time ago.
(Thanks to Kottke for this)

Zombie fans! No doubt you have been wondering…..

…have I seen all of the best Zombie movies? Maybe I missed 1 or 2? Well, if you have been wondering that, EW’s got your back. See the comprehensive rundown (pun intended) of the 25 Best Zombie Movies of All Time.

Remarkable video of Anne Frank in 1941

I found this remarkable video of Anne Frank via The Globe and Mail. (You can see her leaning out of a window).

According to The Globe,

‘The Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam has begun airing the only known video of the teenage diarist on a channel dedicated to her on YouTube.

The channel also features clips of others, including her late father Otto and Nelson Mandela, talking about Anne, museum spokeswoman Annemarie Bekker said Friday. “It is really a great platform to show all the different kinds of films and documentaries about Anne Frank.” ‘

For more, click on the link to the Globe, the video itself, or you can go to The Anne Frank House web site.

Just when I think I can’t be surprised by what I come across on the Internet, I come across something that surprises me.

My free marketing tip of the day…

..is this. If you want to a) do useless marketing analysis b) waste money c) be ridiculed in the process, then do this:

 Domino’s Uses Astrology To Predict Favorites

The Greatest Hits from YouTube

It’s interesting that YouTube has been around long enough that we can think in terms of the top videos from it. But if you have been watching it with any regularity, you will likely recognize some of the clips featured here:

And if you haven’t been watching YouTube, watch this to see what you missed!

Actually, YouTube is a rich and varied media. These are the oddest of the lot (though “Chocolate Rain” is missing…truly an oversight).

YouTube – 100 GREATEST HITS OF YOUTUBE IN 4 MINUTES (now with list!)