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You so don’t want to be this guy

Great ad (not surprisingly) from Nike

Nice that it was shot in Toronto, too! 🙂


The financial meltdown, animated

This is fascinating: the NYTimes.com has a great animated timeline showing the meltdown of the U.S. Financial institutions between end of 2007 until now. Watching the banks shrink (and in some cases, disappear) like this gives you a sense of just how dramatic the decline was. The banks went from a capitalization of $1.54 trillion ($1540 billion) all the way down to $290 billion in March of 2009, essentially losing 80% of their capital. Anyone who thinks the intervention of the governments didn’t matter is dreaming in technicolour.

Now their capitalization is growing back up to a trillion again. Check this out to see who disappeared and who dominates now: How the Giants of Finance Shrank, Then Grew, Under the Financial Crisis – Interactive – NYTimes.com

(Thanks to the Contrarian blog for this tip, too).

Where should windmills go? Why not ask the Dutch

After all, they know windmills. Contrary to what I see in North America, the Dutch appear to wisely put them in places that already have alot of noise and aren’t necessarily attractive. This is smarter than putting them in some rural places where the noise bothers people, or in some picturesque place where the view bothers people. If anything, seeing a windmill here:

…would be a welcome sight.

Thanks to the Contrarian blog for this.

The Incredible Australian Dust Storm

Is something to see. 400 km wide and 2000 km long, near Sydney. Sounds big, yes? Take a look:

From the blog, Molt:n Core. (Note: may be mildly NSFW if you have the sound on).

Did you know? Or, how the world is rapidly changing digitally…

…can be seen in this video here:

Lots of fascinating statistics, linked with a theme, presented well. One of the reasons for the powerful changes that digital technology is bringing on like the juggernaut that it is.

Thanks to thetrendwatch.com for this.