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Why I love my Diana F+ Camera

It’s the opposite of digital cameras with the increasing megapixel ranges. It’s not even 35 mm film. It’s 120. It comes on a spool. After every picture, you have to manually set it to the next picture. I love that!
Almost the entire camera is plastic. Even the lens. That low quality makes for more interesting photos.
There are still lots of places in Toronto to get 120 film developed. Likely for other cities as well. There was a long discussion forum on flickr talking about all the places that develop it in the city. I was afraid it would be hard to get it done, but in fact it’s very easy.
There are a number of flickr groups dedicated to photos taken by Diana owners. Even the most basic picture taken by a Diana camera has a nice look to it.
You can do multiple exposures easily. You can use it as a pinhole camera. It can either be automatic or manual shutter speed.
When people see it, they want to ask you about it and they start talking about photography.
It’s still fun waiting and seeing your photos developed.
It has just enough controls on it to make it interesting and give you things to play with,  but not too many.
It has a great vintage feel to it. This camera is new, but it is based on cameras of the 1960s.
It just looks cool, doesn’t it?
You can find more about it here: Diana F+ camera, but there are lots of sites that talk about the camera.
Thanks to the the Tech Style blog for pointing it out, and for Urban Outfitters for carrying it. You can get them cheaper on eBay, but I liked the package it came in at Urban Outfitters.
If anyone is interested in the camera, let me know. I am also bookmarking interesting links on delicious.com.
Now…say cheese! 🙂


Night Flowers

Taken with my Diana F+ camera.Part of my Flickr  Photostream