Daily Archives: October 4, 2009

Nuit Blanche in Toronto, featuring the likeable work of Jeff Koons

The great Toronto blog, Torontoist, has a excellent run down of the Nuit Blanche festival that occurred yesterday, including lots of  photos of the event.

One photo that really struck me was this one.

I believe it’s by Jeff Koons. It’s appropriate to see him in the Eaton Center. The Center has a famous installation of these beloved geese

And Koons work echoes this to some degree, though the differences (in the material and the object itself) is what makes Koons…well, Koons. What I think both work share, besides size, animal association, and suspension, is that they are both appealing to audiences. Koons may be a major figure in the modern art world, but different than artists like Serra or Hirst in that his recent work is appealing to a wide audience. Which makes it great for Nuit Blanche, and perfect for the Eaton Center. Whoever chose to put it there is very smart indeed.

If you are interested in Koons and other things going on in the world of sculpture, check out this.

(Geese photo from Diego_3336’s photostream. Bunny photo from the Torontoist).