Daily Archives: October 8, 2009

Star Wars like its never been seen before! Because this time, you make it

Yup. The folks at Star Wars: Uncut have come up with a crazy idea. Let me let them explain:

Hello! You and 472 other people have the chance to recreate Star Wars: A New Hope. Below is the entire movie split up into 15 second clips. Click on one of the scenes to claim it, film it, and upload it. You can have up to three scenes! When we’re all done, we’ll stitch it all together and watch the magic happen.

Is it going to be as good as the original? Not even remotely close. Is it going to be interesting? Very! Go look at some of the claimed scenes so far, like this one:

Ok, it might be a bit of a nerd fest. (A bit, Bernie?) Seriously, it’s alot of fun, and I like how Star Wars inspires people to think about film and create, regardless of their skill. This is a great example of that. May the crowdsource be with you!


How to forge your expenses (kidding)

Let’s say you want to eat at a fancy steak place, like Maloney & Porcelli in NYC, but you can’t expense that steak at your work. No problem! Their Expense Report Generator will generate a PDF file of smaller expenses you CAN submit. And it works well. Type in an amount, and it will generate numerous expenses that add up to that amount.

Now obviously I am not condoning you do this. Obviously. Right. 🙂

Seriously, I think this is funny and a great way to get some buzz around their restaurant. Check out their app. Better yet, go buy yourself a nice steak dinner from Maloney & Porcelli. How you expense it…well, I don’t want to know. 🙂

(Found via the always interesting blog, Cup of Jo).

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2009 has been announced and the winner is…..

…Herta Müller, a German writer who was born and lived in Romania before moving to Germany. Sadly,
the press release and other details on the Nobel Prize site are vary scant. You will want to go elsewhere for the details, like the NYtimes.com. (Though I recommend you avoid the commentary: it is the usual carping along the lines of “who is she?”, “why hasn’t DeLillo/Vonnegut/Pynchon/etc. won?”)

No doubt we will hear more about her and see more of her books at the bigger book sellers in near future.