Daily Archives: October 6, 2009

The beauty of the (new) solar energy

When I think of solar energy, I don’t think of beauty. But seeing these  Solé Power Tiles, I am having second thoughts:

The blue tile makes me think of places like Santorini in Greece. A great improvement on the older black solar panels.

(Found via Inhabitat.)


A brilliant dessert: pan-baked lemon almond tart by Mark Bittman

Why brilliant? Because it is simple, easy, and delicious. And looks great!  Mark Bittman always has good ideas, and I think this is one of his better ones. See: The Minimalist – Cake, Tart, Frittata – Call It the New Baking – NYTimes.com. Better yet, pick up the ingredients and make this dessert.

(Photo by Evan Sung for the Nytimes.com)

From Nuit Blanche to the Turner Prize

If you liked Nuit Blanche (or you are interested in modern art generally), you should note that the short list for the Turner Prize 2009 has been announced. The Guardian has a great rundown of the artists on the short list, as well as the Prize in general. The Turner Prize is always interesting and often controversial. Visit the site and wade into the discussion.

(Thanks to Lucia Orth for the pointer!)